The Top Asian Snacks to Satisfy Your Cravings

1. Pocky

Have you ever tried Pocky? This Japanese snack originated in the 1960s and is now popular worldwide, and for good reasons. This biscuit stick covered in delicious chocolate, strawberry, or matcha flavors is the perfect treat for a sweet tooth. In addition to the classic, you might also try out some innovative flavors like green tea tiramisu, cookies and cream, or almond crush.

2. Seaweed Snacks

If you love savory and umami flavors, then you should definitely try some Korean or Japanese seaweed snacks. These crispy and thin sheets of seaweed are seasoned with various spices and sauces, such as wasabi, soy sauce, sesame oil, or chili flakes among others. They are low in calories and contain healthy minerals like iodine, making them a nutritious choice for your snack time.

The Top Asian Snacks to Satisfy Your Cravings 1

3. Shrimp Chips

Southeast Asia offers a unique snack that is hard to resist: Shrimp chips. These crunchy and light chips are made from dried and powdered shrimp meat mixed with flour, and then deep-fried. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all share the same delightful seafood flavor and aroma. You can pair them with various dips such as sweet chili sauce or peanut sauce, or enjoy them as they are.

4. Mooncakes

One of China’s most iconic desserts is the mooncake, which is usually eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This pastry is filled with various sweet and savory fillings, such as lotus seed paste, red bean paste, salted egg yolks, or mixed nuts. The outside layer is made from Chinese pastry dough, which has a golden and flaky texture. Each region in China has its own variation of mooncakes, but they are all beautifully decorated and presented as a symbol of reunion and appreciation.

5. Bánh Bao

A popular snack in Vietnamese cuisine is Bánh Bao, which is a steamed bun filled with savory ingredients such as pork, mushrooms, onions, and eggs. It has a soft and fluffy texture, making it a perfect comfort food for any time of the day. Bánh Bao is usually served with some fresh herbs and dipping sauces to enhance the flavor and aroma. You can also find some sweet versions of Bánh Bao, like red bean paste or pandan filling.

6. Mochi

This Japanese delicacy is a must-try for anyone who loves chewy and gooey snacks. Mochi is made from sweet rice flour, which is pounded into a sticky dough and then shaped into small balls or squares. The inside is filled with various flavors like red bean paste, green tea, or fruit jam. Mochi is usually dusted with potato starch or cornstarch to prevent sticking and add some texture. You can eat mochi as it is, or wrap it in some nori seaweed for extra flavor.

7. Bang Bang Chicken

If you are a fan of spicy food, then you should give Bang Bang Chicken a try. This Sichuan dish is a cold appetizer made from boiled chicken drizzled with spicy chili oil and sesame paste. It has a crunchy and refreshing taste due to the addition of cucumber and scallions. The name “Bang Bang” comes from the pounding sound made when the chicken is shredded into small pieces. This dish is perfect for a hot summer day or as a side dish for your meal.

8. Batik Cake

Indonesia has a unique dessert known as Batik Cake, which is a thin and moist cake flavored with shredded coconut and pandan leaves. The cake is then dyed with natural colors to create intricate patterns resembling the traditional Batik cloth. It has a delicate and fragrant taste, making it a favorite among locals and tourists. Batik Cake is also a symbol of Indonesia’s cultural heritage and creativity.

9. Curry Puff

Singapore and Malaysia offer a popular snack called Curry Puff, which is a savory pastry filled with spicy curry chicken, vegetables, or beef. The puff is made from flaky and buttery dough that melts in your mouth. It is usually served as a breakfast item or a mid-day snack, and it goes well with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Curry Puff is easy to find in any hawker center or food court in these countries.


These are only a few of the many mouth-watering Asian snacks that are worth trying. Each snack has its own unique taste, texture, and history that can enrich your culinary experience. By exploring these snacks, you can also learn more about the diverse cultures and traditions of Asia. So grab some snacks, sit back, and enjoy the journey! Complement your reading with this recommended external website, filled with additional and relevant information about the subject., uncover fresh information and intriguing perspectives.

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